Cotton insulation is one of the old-style of insulation. I think it has been used since time immemorial. These days, the number of people who use cotton insulation has decreased with the advent of new products that delivers and caters to the home insulation needs of the family.

There are many advantages to using cotton insulation such as, it is environment friendly because it is easy to produce it and it needs less energy as compared to the production of a fiberglass. It is also safe because its use will not expose you to any kind of risks. You don’t have to use a mask in installing it because no toxic fumes will come out during installation. Its resistance to heat flow is very high. However, like any other products, the downside of using it is that it takes a long time to dry it when it gets in contact with water. It also requires special skills when cutting to keep it fit and to avoid leaks.

Doing Away with the Old Insulation: A new Approach to InsulationAt present, there are so many new approaches to insulation and one of which is the spray foam insulation. Although this type of insulation requires that it be installed by a professional, it has been observed to work well in keeping your house or office warm in the winter and comfy come summer. The new approaches to home insulation were proven to save more energy as it will require less heating in the cold months and less air-conditioning when summer heats up.

Spray foam insulation have noted outstanding air-sealing properties. It even defeats fiberglass in terms of feedback and performance. It is certainly the new approach to good building insulation for your home or offices. I believe that it is worth considering a try. It may be high time to do away with the old to make room for the new to make things better.