Is Fiberglass Insulation Right For You?Back in the early 90’s, fiberglass insulation was one of the most widely used kind of insulation for wooden walls, and even today it’s still popular. It’s cheap, generally effective, easy to install, and could be bought in any home improvement store. But is this insulation the best choice for you?

Fiberglass Insulation, The Good

The best thing about this insulation is that it’s easy to use. Simply separate the insulation and put it in place, if it has to fit into an odd space, you can cut it easily with a knife.

The price is hard to beat. While certain types of insulation is cheaper, for the cost savings and ease of use, fiberglass insulation is definitely at the top when it comes to price.

The Bad Side of Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is prone to leaving small gaps and voids when being installed. A few of these aren’t bad, but f you aren’t careful, you will leave too many of these in place reducing the effectiveness of the insulation.

In damp spaces, fiberglass has very low mold resistance. If there is a bad leak, or a lot of humidity, you could need to replace the insulation every few years to prevent the growth of dangerous molds.

Finally, if you do not use proper safety equipment, you could end up with a rash and hundreds of barely visible cuts, as well as breathing problems for a few days. Fiberglass is made of glass, incredibly small glass which can and does break, cutting and getting lodged n your skin. It’s not deadly, but it can be very uncomfortable without the right precautions.

Fiberglass insulation is not really bad, and in some cases it can be very effective and cost efficient. But depending on your needs, you may want to spend a bit more money on other types of insulation that fit your needs better.