Spray foam used for insulation is liquid-based polyurethane that when sprayed, it goes off as a wet mist into the applied material, and upon drying, hardens into very sturdy foam. The best part of this kind of insulation is its liquidity; with the spray foam coming out as a liquid mist, it has the ability to reach even the smallest cracks and crevices – a feat that even the traditional insulation of fiberglass cannot. This gives off a better seal to the material being sprayed, which helps have a better way of regulating a house’s indoor temperature. The result of having this spray foam insulation is a better insulated home as well as lowered utility bills per month.

Spray foam as an insulation is well known to be more energy efficient as compared to the traditional and common fiberglass. With its liquidity and ability to fill cracks and gaps through expanding during drying greatly reduces the amount of heat or cold that escapes from the interiors of the home. Temperature regulation will then be lesser to maintain in the inside. Additionally, the spray does not even contain formaldehyde or other similar hazardous chemicals that can pose risk to the health of the household members, making this spray insulation an effective as well as an eco-friendly option.

Moisture is easily prevented from entering tiny cracks due to its ability to enter and seal. The breeding ground for mildew and molds will be lessened with this kind of ability by the spray foam insulation. Also, little critters such as insects and mice will no longer have spaces to make room for – a very comparable observation as compared to some warm cubbyhole-like cracks that can be present on fiberglass insulations.

Another feature of spray foam is its ability to adapt into the natural location of the home; it will then grow and then shrink according to its natural settling. It works also perfect as a material for soundproofing. The thickness of the foams enables to dampen the noise that hits it, which makes it perfect also for places that need lesser noise, like the bedrooms. It is also a non-flammable substance, and will its spray will not make you want to itch your entire body.

A downside to purchasing spray foams is the cost. This insulation type can protect you from temperature leaks at least 3 times as that of the protection given by fiberglass. It is obvious then that with its capabilities, the spray foam is not the most budget-friendly option for insulation. However, it is a very energy efficient insulation that you can get your money’s worth upon saving more money than to spend it on utility bills.

Visit your local hardware or consultants who are expert on insulation, such as those in the Abbotsford area, and inquire for spray foam insulations. It is therefore an investment worth dipping your bills.