The roof over our head is our major shield from disturbing forces of nature. It is by far, one of the most important structures of a house or building. No matter what material it is made of, it has to be durable to be able to stand the changing climate. It is of no question that roofs are built to protect us from the scourging heat of the sun and from the shivering cold weather temperature. Previously, people are contented with just simple water proofing techniques but these days, considering the extreme weather conditions, people would tend to explore other efficient options.

For roof repair or preservation of concrete roofs, waterproofing is an indispensable work to do. Most concrete roofs are supported by steel which needs constant maintenance from leak which may give way to water or moisture that could cause serious damage to your concrete roof.

Not Just Waterproof, It’s WeatherproofWaterproofing your roofs and immediate repair of cracks may prolong the life of your roof however, according to the most recent market research; there are products available in the market that would actually provide a protective membrane over your roof that would eventually serve not just to waterproof it but also to weatherproof it.

By weatherproofing, what I actually mean is to apply a strong sealant that would satisfy your need to cover not only the existing cracks but also the areas where water absorption is possible. I believe that upon construction, sealants that would serve as the protective cover of your roof deck should be applied immediately upon installation. Most people only do so once they see a crack or when they think that repair works should be done because there are already visible damages due to ordinary wear and tear. Time is of the essence when it comes to securing the most important structure of your house. You cannot just take it for granted.