Most homeowners with the exception of course of a few really hate roof repair works. I for one really dislike repairing the roofs because I believe it is a major hassle. However, we cannot discount the fact that our roof system is one of the most vital parts of the house. It serves as our cover, our shelter from the heat and rain, our shield from all sorts of diseases brought about by changing climate.

Rubber Cover That Works Like No OtherA small leak in your roof can cause a lot of damage to the house. If it remains unnoticed, it could lead to severe damage to other properties inside your house. It could also be very dangerous if the water that passes through the leak would come in contact with the electrical wires at home. I think if there is one part of your house that should be strong and durable, that should be your roof.

According to many market researches, asphalt shingles and other kinds of roofs can last only for about fifteen to twenty years. It also entails a very high cost to maintain. More than four decades ago, a different kind of roofing was created out of the desire to recycle excess used tires. After years of research, a unique product containing 95% of recycled material which is now called synthetic rubber roofing. This kind of roofing material is set to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is also observed to be less prone to damage.

Compared to asphalt and slate shingles, rubber roofs were proven to last long. It also requires very low maintenance cost. It is very eco-friendly because it is predominantly made of recycled materials. Take note that it also has insulation properties. So if you are cost-cutting, environment-friendly and you want your roof cover to work like no other, then rubber roof is your best option.