Project Description

Insulation for the home or a building is very vital in providing the residents or tenants the needed comfort. If properly insulated, the home or office will retain the warmth during winter and will allow the home or building to be cooler during the hot summer months. In addition to these benefits, a properly insulated house offers huge savings for the owner in terms of energy costs.

We at Kelden Construction Consultants LTD realize the importance of insulation and are pleased to help the residents of Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, and Langley in meeting these needs. The company has been in this type of work for several years and is duly accredited with the concerned regulatory bodies.

Our professional workforce has undergone various trainings in the area of insulation and is familiar with the local regulations and codes. These knowledge and skills are very vital in this type of work especially considering the critical factors involved in insulation works such as air infiltration, water pipes, and ventilation.