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A great looking home is a big motivation for people. Homeowners employ the use of various materials for their roofing system but the most common ones include asphalt shingles and slate shingles. These are good materials to be used for roofing. But there have been advancements in the roofing industry in the last 25 years or so and roofing experts are now setting their eyes on rubber roofing.
Rubber roofs (EPDM) were first introduced in the market in the early 1960s. They are made from elastic polymer, put under a certain degree of heat to be vulcanized. The heating process will drive the polymer to link with each other, creating a durable material that will stand extreme weather conditions and damages.

What is great in rubber roofs?

Rubber roofing in Abbotsford is considered the wisest choice for your house for a lot of reasons. Homeowners are finding it hard to keep up with the repairs of their roofs. Rubber roofing outlasts asphalt and slate shingles in life expectancy. When you’re looking for a sense of style or you’re on a tight budget, using rubber roofing is your best option. It is very eco-friendly, made from recycled materials and absolutely recyclable itself. It is made of lightweight material, is fire-proof, and has insulation properties. These are just some of the reasons why your best option is rubber roofing in Abbotsford insulation service.

Why the need for insulation?

Regular inspection is the key to assessing the insulation needs of your rubber roof. Roof insulation is a work which is better left to the experts, who have the needed knowledge in the materials, products and processes. This is where Kelden Construction Ltd. comes in the picture. Armed with 20 years of experience in the field, Kelden Construction Ltd is one of the most sought after rubber roofing Abbotsford residents are looking for. Being a licensed and leading rubber roofing Abbotsford provider for insulation, we strictly follow regulations. All our technicians have undergone the right amount of training and are constantly updated with the newest trends in the field. Upon setting your appointment, we will assess your needs and tailor a proposal to address them. Critical factors such as water pipes, air infiltration and ventilation are included as well. Kelden Construction Ltd offers spray foam insulation services, SprayOn services and InstaCoat services in Abbotsford and neighboring areas, specializing in the use of fiberglass (for underground parking) and polarfoam. Our roof insulation expertise is matched only by our skills in customer service. The quality we provide for our clients are evidenced by the testimonials we have received, making us the only Abbotsford rubber roofing insulation provider you can trust.

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