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SPRAYON is an equivalent product to Monoglass Spray-applied insulation, Thermacoustic Spray-applied insulation and K-13 Cellulose Wet-spray insulation (category 7215). SPRAYON spray- applied insulation and In addition, SPRAYON has a stronger environmental value proposition than other competitive spray applied systems:

SPRAYON can contribute up to 8 points to the overall LEED rating of a project – contributing in the following areas: Optimize Energy Efficiency, Resource Reuse, Recycled Content, Local / Regional Materials, Rapidly Renewable Materials, Low Emitting Materials;

SPRAYON is formaldehyde free; SPRAYON is certified to contain not less than 50% post consumer recycled material; SPRAYON uses a state-of-the-ad acrylic adhesive that has virtually no VOC emissions; SPRAYON is naturally non-combustible and does not require harmful chemicals to prevent it from burning, unlike cellulose products that are coated with harmful fire retardants; SPRAYON reduces heating and cooling costs and decreases greenhouse gas emissions – providing thermal values of R3.8 / inch. SPRAYON is safer than many competitive spray-applied systems: SPRAYON is odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive and completely inorganic; SPRAYON is completely benign and can be used uncovered in public areas such as schools and hospitals; SPRAYON is inorganic and does not require harmful chemicals to achieve a flamespread rating of 0 and a smoke developed rating of 0; SPRAYON is white in color, unlike cellulose, which reflects light and makes poorly light areas such as underground parking facilities brighter and safer.

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SPRAYON is an inorganic product that is naturally non-combustible and does not require harmful fire-retardant chemicals like cellulose products. Cellulose is an organic substance such as paper and can be treated with fire retardant materials to ensure that they burn slowly. Cellulose is rated as a low flame spread product but can never be classified as a non-combustible because of its flaming time. Only inorganic materials or mixtures containing a very small organic component can be rated non-combustible according to industry standards. SPRAYON achieves a flame spread rating of 0 and a smoke developed classification of 0 as per CAN/ULC S114. SPRAYON spray-applied thermal and acoustical insulation is an engineered product designed to meet the rigorous demands of the commercial and residential building sectors. In manufacturing the product, we did not loose site of what is truly important – the environment.

SPRAYON’s Versatility:

SPRAYON bonds to most substrates (including wood, drywall, concrete and fiber board insulation); SPRAYON can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces; SPRAYON can be applied to 6″ (R23) on horizontal and 7″ (R27) on vertical without the need for expensive mechanical fastening; SPRAYON provides excellent thermal protection (R3.8 / inch as per ASTM C 177-97); SPRAYON has exceptional sound control properties for acoustical applications ( NRC rating of 1.05 2.5″); SPRAYON is extremely versatile and can be used in under ground parking applications, metal buildings, theaters, arenas, gymnasiums and other commercial applications such as high rise soffits; SPRAYON can be used in hard to reach, hard to insulate areas and does not require expensive framing;