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Our roofs are our protectors. Roof protection has always been a necessity in any household and office today. Why? They take the beating from the heat, cold, wind and storms every year. So, it’s only natural that our roofs and ceilings would need to be checked once or twice a year. Of course, fixing the roof could take different routes. Some choose to cover the damaged part while others take the route of removing and replacing. Others who find their roofs too damaged should opt to rebuild the entire thing.

The roof however, does not only need to provide a covering over our homes. Insulation is another important support that the roofs provide. Be it against the cold or the heat, it should insulate the heat so that the insides of the home retain normal temperature. It is because of these many factors that technology has provided the means to strengthen the durability of the roof, patch out any possible holes that it has and provide more insulation to the homes. In Abbotsford spray roofing services are one of the best solutions that people can utilize in strengthening their roof.

Spray roofing is a service where Polyurethane Foam is applied in the roofs in order to cover the roof and cover all potential cracks, holes and crevices that the roof may have. Once applied, this foam expands 30 times it original volume and creates a hard surface. Once it hardens a coating of gravel or other similar material is applied in order to further secure the applied spray. This technology provides several benefits once applied to the roof surface. The hard surface along with the hardened spray provides more covering and due to its capability to seep into the cracks and crevices of the roof, it also provides a monolithic seal which strengthens the roof and gel them tighter. This gel makes it more resistant to being removed or torn away by strong winds. This Sprayed Polyurethane Foam also provides insulation as it absorbs heat and cold providing warmer or cooler room temperatures in your home. The weight that the SPF provides is also an advantage. While some may be worried that by adding more weight to the roof, it could damage the stability of the building. The SPF is very light and as it gets through the roof, you could say that it is stronger in providing more protection as compared to remodeling the roof or adding more wood or other materials.
Spray roofing has been used as an alternative for roof strengthening, repair and insulation for the past 35 years. Its easy application leave little or no room for any remodeling as you can just simply spray it. It is also highly maintainable. If any part of the roof’s sprayed area somehow has worn off, you can just spray another application over it. The application can provide low-cost maintenance allowing you to save more. Also the insulating properties of the SPF allows it to absorb heat requiring less energy for your air conditions to cool your rooms and less energy for your heaters to heat your home.

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