Many homeowners have chosen spray foams as a popular insulation choice. However, people suffering from some kind of allergies think twice and ask if spray foam trigger allergic reactions.

The answer is NO. Spray on Insulation will not in any way trigger allergic reactions if you stay out of the premises where it is being sprayed during and after spray foam installation. There are certain protocols that you have to observe in order to maintain the safety of people and the environment when installing spray foam insulation. If the spray foam has ripened or cured accordingly, then it is generally considered to be safe.

Does Spray On Insulation Trigger Allergic Reactions?However, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the chemicals used to make spray foam are known to be detrimental to health and may cause adverse effects. Thus, spray foam installers are required to wear safety gears at all times and residents should leave the place for twenty four hours during and after spray foam installation.

A highly reactive liquid substance used in the procedure contains isocyanates. This substance may cause severe breathing and skin problems. Therefore, safety measures must be taken into to avoid exposure to this chemical. Furthermore, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) also said that this chemical can cause asthma. The chemicals, aerosols and dust that accumulate during the installation may put people exposed to it to the risk of developing asthma. Asthma and Allergy go hand in hand. If a person is allergic to pollen, molds or dust that person may most likely develop asthma.

Therefore, it is safe to say that people with allergies or people with asthma must take due precaution when planning to have spray foam installation at home. Following the guidelines is an essential tool to keep things in order and your health on guard.