Top Five Warning Signs of Insulation ProblemsMany years ago, people living in cold countries are left with no avenue other than to live in drafty houses. In some developing countries that experience the extreme coldness in winter, people resort to conventional ways to heat up the surrounding environment. In contrast, most people in the present generation wanted to live in warm, comfortable houses. The working definition of a healthy house these days would be that it is a structure that is well insulated and well ventilated. The degree of comfort that a house could offer is the yardstick that would determine the fitness of a house in terms of satisfying the modern day needs of its occupants.

A house insulation system is like a coat in a cold and windy kind of weather. It wraps and seals your house so that the wind cannot get through keeping you warm and comfy. Insulation bars wind and moisture from penetrating your house. However, when it is not properly installed, it usually stinks. It would drive people crazy and would make them want to move out from the house. According to reliable sources, it also causes breathing issues and other health problems.

In the event that you feel that something is amiss with your insulation system, you have to call for help and ask the experts on the matter to fix the problem the soonest. You also have to be on guard of the five common warning signs of insulation problems.

1. Cold walls and floors in the winter

If your walls and floors are cold, it could mean that your insulation does not serve its purpose. Take note that it is supposed to give you warmth.

The Top Five Warning Signs of Insulation Problems2. High heating costs or an increase in energy bill

High heating costs would only mean that the insulation system is not working hard in keeping the area warm thus a great amount of energy is needed to warm the place.

3. Presence of molds on walls in the winter and on the basement in summer

The presence of molds signifies that moisture was able to set in the building cavity and condenses in the air leakage. Therefore, the building is not completely sealed when you see growing molds around these areas.

4. High cooling cost in the summer

If the cooling cost is relatively high that it goes beyond your expectations, investigate more.

5. When your Air-conditioning system is now working at its best

When your air-conditioning system is not working effectively, you must consider calling the experts and have it checked.