If you want to insulate your home but chose the wrong way of doing it, it might spell disaster for your house. It is therefore important to deliberate carefully on the process of selecting the best insulation material. It is ill-advised, then, to immediately utilize pink fiberglass because your neighboring houses chose it too. Dare to be unique, and dare to go for quality! The best possible insulation these days is using spray foam insulation.

Is Foam really a great material for home insulation?

One may see foam as fluffy, cloudy materials that cannot even protect a thing. That one person is definitely wrong; foams, if used properly, are tougher than nuts to crack. The foam used for insulation is the one that we see that are utilized in refrigerators, water heaters and other appliances. This foam type is made up of polyurethane, specifically, enabling said foam to be a better insulation material than others.

The foaming ingredient then undergoes spray needles that are pressure-bound, and will then be released on the walls, attic, or roof of your home. As it settles down, it will then spread around its surrounding areas, creating a sort of protective shield of insulation, which will then encompass the entire home.

Is it the best bet out of other insulation types?

When compared to others, the insulation of foam spray is top notch. Unlike fiberglass, sprayed-in foam is capable of sealing even the smallest of all cracks which are really invisible even to the naked eye. Another thing is the lesser use of energy in filtering air to give much-needed ventilation for its inhabitants – a great feat when compared to other types. Third thing is the core material for spray foams, polyurethane, is scientifically measured as a material with the largest R thickness value. This means that with a thinner insulation comes also a more affordable customized insulation walls than the standard ones.

Word of Caution when using foam spray insulation

This spray-in application of foam cannot be done alone. A professional insulation specialist, such as those specialists from Langley, is very much needed so as to perfect the insulation during the application. It is most certain that during the construction stages, for the insulation, the specialist should be present and active during the application. No such insulation application must be done by the homeowner, even if he or she is knowledgeable on the said foam insulation.