Top 2 Places to Utilize Polyurethane Spray Foam at HomeDuring intemperate weather conditions, the outdoors are not the only place that are greatly affected by weather changes. Temperatures inside the homes and other establishments are affected as well. And so, if a home is not insulated properly, the air coming from the outside can get in to your home and air inside can leak out as well. This unwelcomed exchange of air can lead to higher energy bills due to higher energy loss. Furthermore, a couple of gaps can even serve as an entrance for microbes and with the use of polyurethane spray foam, it is now possible to prevent air leakage and bugs from coming in your home. When utilizing this product, there are places that you must first prioritize.

1. Basement
This area of your home normally acquires much mildew, molds, and condensation. These things could greatly increase the risks of having respiratory problems like asthma. The cause of this is that humidity is shut in the basement. However, by way of having proper ventilation and sealing of air leaks with the use of spray polyurethane foam, your family will not be able to experience any respiratory problems.

Top 2 Places to Utilize Polyurethane Spray Foam at HomeWhen you apply this spray form in the basement, make sure to seal any holes you see since this will prevent energy loss by way of closing the leaks. Be sure to include the air ducts, air vents, compartment pipes, and other areas where there are spaces leading to the outside.

2. Attic
This area is one of the most dismaying rooms in a lot of homes. An attic that does not have proper insulation will surely be burning hot if the temperature outside is very high and becomes freezing cold if the temperature outside is low. The reason for this is that there are a lot of gaps and cracks in most attics allowing air from coming in and out. But by applying a polyurethane spray foam, the temperature inside the attic can now be regulated.