Extreme weather conditions, particularly in summer time in which excessive heat from the sun can be felt, can greatly affect the environment and cause discomfort. Our home, which is our dwelling place and our protection will also be affected. Well-insulated homes can create a big impact with the household’s comfort and safety against heat and even during cold times. Homes that are not properly insulated can cause air from the outside to leak in as well as air from the inside to leak out. With this, a lot of energy is diminished and can also effect in high electricity or energy cost. The use of polyurethane spray foam insulation is one way to prevent leaks of air and even bugs from coming inside in cases of gaps on your walls.

The Wonders of Polyurethane Spray Foam InsulationWhat are the benefits that we can get by using polyurethane spray foam insulation in our household? Upon application, this spray foam is in liquid state that is then sprayed over a surface. Cracks, even the tiniest ones are surely filled in compared to fiberglass insulation. Upon drying, it can then tightly seal any materials that have been applied to it. It also helps to adjust your indoor temperature depending on any climate conditions by making it cooler during the excessive heat outside and then warmer in terms of having cold seasons. That is why, polyurethane spray foam insulation is cost effective that can give you the various benefits from your investment. It does not only save your expenses on your electricity bills, it will also provide additional comfort to the household.

Sprayon-insulationPolyurethane spray foam insulation also acts as an insect exterminator since it can prevent bugs from coming inside your house due to its sealant protection capacity. Due to the thickness and toughness the barrier it brings, even the moisture cannot stand a chance from coming in, preventing molds from developing. Aside from that, this kind of insulation is also eco-friendly since it is made from recyclable materials. And since this is an extensive procedure, it is best recommended that this method must only be done by the professionals only.

We at Kelden Construction Ltd. can greatly assure to help you improve the insulation capacity of your homes. With over 20 years of experience and with our proven professional experts to handle the job, we are confident enough that we only bring the best spray foam insulation that can provide utmost advantages for your home, offices and any buildings that require proper insulation. We aim to give a guaranteed service to help you save energy cost and improve the integrity of your homes or buildings.